Korea has achieved unprecedented economic development surprising the world.

This was possible thanks to the government and expert groups presenting policies in a timely manner, along with companies and people working hard with passion.
Since its foundation in 1986, Hyundai Research Institute has laid a foundation for Korean economic growth, seeking the direction Korean companies and the national economy should move towards.

Now, Korea is at the threshold of emerging as an advanced nation, getting ready for new challenges ahead.
In the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we witness innovative competition becoming more severe, while Korea’s potential growth rate declines due to changes in population structure and delays in creating a new growth engine.

Hyundai Research Institute will be committed to enhancing its national competitiveness by presetting reasonable solutions to domestic and international economic issues.
Hyundai Research Institute will explore a new growth engine by revitalizing creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to pave the way for sustainable growth.
As the best-ever knowledge creation institution, HRI will be dedicated to providing high quality education for both the private and public sectors. We will contribute to bringing cooperation and mutual prosperity to the Korean peninsula by preparing for the future of a united Korea.

We look forward to your kind support in our effort to innovate the Korean economy.


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